Calrec, Cymatic, NTP join Media Networking Alliance

The Media Networking Alliance (MNA) has announced that Calrec, Cymatic and NTP Technology are the latest international pro-audio and broadcast technology companies to join the alliance.

The MNA is a professional AV industry alliance established in October 2014 to promote the awareness and adoption of AES67, the AoIP interoperability standard developed by the Audio Engineering Society (AES).

Now celebrating 50 years in the audio industry, Calrec Audio is exclusively dedicated to the design and manufacture of audio broadcast mixing consoles.

Calrec’s technical director Patrick Warrington explained the rationale behind the company’s decision to join the alliance: “AES67 is a call to arms for technology manufacturers in the crowded AoIP community. The adoption of AES67 is about giving our customers tools to do their jobs more efficiently, and the Media Networking Alliance exists to help promote that vision, as well as to provide education in this new area. Calrec has been developing audio network technologies for over ten years and we have a lot to bring to this debate, and so we are pleased to be working with such a focused group of dedicated industry professionals.”

Cymatic Audio is a young Swiss company, established in 2013, that creates task-specific audio interfaces designed to eliminate many of the difficulties often found in hi tech products: “Since 2016 we became pioneers in networked audio providing products with AUDIOLAN (by Archwave) inside,” said marketing manager Conny Kensy. “As a member of the MNA we are actively promoting the adoption of the AES67 standard.”

Danish based NTP Technology develops, manufactures and distributes advanced digital routing solutions for international radio and television broadcasters. Since 2003 NTP has been a member of the Dan Technologies A/S group of companies, one of the largest suppliers of professional video, audio and system solutions for radio and television stations, as well as production and post-production companies, in the Nordic region.