Calrec debuts Brio 12 compact mixer

Calrec Audio recently launched Brio 12, a compact, 12-fader audio mixer, at Inter BEE 2017 in Japan.

Brio 12, which has the same feature set and mix capabilities as its larger sibling, Brio 36, is intended for use as a broadcast mixer used in very tight spaces like small vans and compact control rooms.

At under 18-inches wide, it can be fit into standard racks or be stowed away when not in use.

With 12 physical dual-layer faders for mixing live sources during broadcast, Brio 12 provides extra virtual faders via its UI. It utilises 48 input channels and the same buss count as the Brio 36, while its capacity for sub-mixes and VCA slaves also makes it an option for production environments requiring automated control over every fader.

Brio 12 can be added to an existing Hydra2 network and utilise I/O via a range of Hydra2 modules through its integral I/O expansion slots.