Calrec Goes Into Russia

Calrec has announced its first sale in Russia. Television Technical Centre Ostankino purchased two Artemis Beam consoles for NTV-PLUS, a Russian subscriber satellite service. The 48-fader desks were installed in the Moscow Television Technical Centre and were used by NTV-PLUS for the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London this year. The consoles have been networked together using Calrec’s Hydra2 system, allowing either console to access any I/O on the network. Calrec designed a panel that sits in the control surface and houses a Colin Broad SR4 serial remote/synchroniser, which allows operators to control multiple playback/record machines from the Artemis desk. “We believe this choice offers the best answer for live sports productions and studio shows,” said Oleg Kolesnikov, CTO at NTV-PLUS.”