Capital Sound uses Martin Audio MLA for Ricky Gervais’ sold-out Copenhagen show

Sound reinforcement for Ricky Gervais’ recent sold-out show at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen was provided by London-based production company Capital Sound, just ten days after another successful gig at the Oslo Spektrum in Norway, as part of his Humanity world tour.

The show in Copenhagen is being slated as the largest comedy show ever to be staged in Denmark, with the 14,500-capacity venue completely sold out.

Capital Sound used Martin Audio’s MLA system for these shows.The PA system for both comprised 17 MLA elements per side, with a single MLD Downfill at the base, supported by side hangs of 13 x MLA. Four MLX subwoofers, in end-fire configuration, extended the low frequencies while eight Martin Audio DD6 provided front fills. Sound at the rear in Copenhagen was provided by four delay hangs, each comprising six elements of MLA Compact.

Capital supplied a four-man PA crew at both events, headed by Joseph Pearce and Finbar Neenan, with local MLA techs provided by partners in Scandinavia.

Sound designer Chris Whybrow Whybrow said: “I knew on paper that we should achieve a more controlled environment onstage from this system; however I didn’t quite expect the experience of standing on stage, in a 15,000-seat empty arena, with an omnidirectional microphone turned on, to hear the arena so precisely controlled.” He added that achieving minimal reflection back onto the stage had been their main focus.

“When asked to provide a sound design for these two arenas, I trusted MLA would give us the best outcome for what we needed. It certainly delivered on all fronts, every seat evenly covered with minimal reflection back onstage.”