Carl Cox adds ADAM monitors to studio setup

To outfit his new studio, internationally acclaimed producer and DJ Carl Cox selected ADAM Audio S3X-H monitors, which he speaks highly of in a new video interview about his career and creative work.

Cox, who is currently ranked as the Number 1 Global Techno and Techno House DJ by the DJ list and was also impressed by Funktion One’s new Powersoft M-Force equipped F132 bass enclosure when he first experienced it at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, has won numerous DJ Awards, three International Dance Music Awards, an NME Award and many other accolades.

“I’ve always been very demanding on my speakers, and I’ve blown up a few in my time – probably because they were not efficient enough. Speakers have to have a really great presence, that’s the thing,” he said.

Cox had long been searching for the perfect monitors for his studio, but it was only after working with David Carbone and Josh Abrahams from Samplify in their studio, that Cox first heard ADAM Audio monitors.

“The ADAMs were exactly what I was looking for – the depth, scope, dimension—and I found that you get the full range of what you just presented,” Cox explained. “The frequency dimension is pinpoint accurate. I don’t think I’ve heard other speakers like them.”

“The colour in the sound was insane; I couldn’t believe that these speakers could give me the reference that I needed, that I could pinpoint the thickness that I want. These are probably the best speakers that I’ve ever heard,” added Cox. “I must have listened to records on them for about three or four hours — I was just amazed. They are genuinely different, you can hear it all — they are so exciting.

“I get thrown speaker packages all day long, and I get in the studio and they’re just not what I am after. The problem was defining that bass tone that you hear in the club — how do you get that?” he said. “That’s what I like about the ADAMs. I can take a track out more or less straight from the studio and know that I can play it, knowing that how it sounded in the studio it will sound like that in the club.”

With all the projects he has going simultaneously, Cox often spends long hours in the studio, which is another advantage he finds with ADAM Audio.

“If you’re in the studio all the time for twelve-hour stints, you need a speaker that makes the sounds pleasant; it can’t be too intense, and you need to be able to hear the flavours in the sound,” he added. “Even at low volumes the ADAM monitors sound amazing. When you go down quite low, you can still pinpoint exactly what you need and you can tweak things at low volume, so if you push that right up, the sound is just incredible. To me, they’re so powerful on low power. I’ve never heard a better-sounding speaker, from low volume all the way up.”

You can watch the interview with Carl Cox below: