CEDAR Audio launches Studio 6

With the original CEDAR Studio and CEDAR Studio AAX being used in studios and post houses across the world, the company has announced a new version, CEDAR Studio 6, which is now both AAX Native and VST compatible and includes a number of new processes for quickly improving sound quality. 

New in CEDAR Studio 6 is the Auto Dehiss, an advanced algorithm that enables the software to determine the broadband noise content and remove it without the introduction of unwanted side-effects or artefacts. A manual mode is also offered for fine-tuning the results when wanted.

Also new is Declick, a high-quality impulsive noise detection and interpolator, as well as Decrackle. The latter is based upon the technology that underpinned the renowned CEDAR CR-1 and boasts a remarkable ability to dig into a damaged signal to identify and remove all manner of ground-in and grungy crackle without damaging the wanted audio. It also removes many forms of buzz and some amplitude distortions from material as diverse as cylinder recordings and current broadcasts contaminated with lighting buzz.

Studio 6 also includes CEDAR’s Adaptive Limiter 2, Debuzz, Declip, and DNS One.