Celestian issues DIY cabinet designs

Celestion, has published Celestion driver-specific cabinet designs for DIY builders. Celestion has long been the go-to choice for upgrading the drivers in an existing system, and now DIYers can build their own full-range Celestion-driven P.A. cabinets by following the company’s CKT-TF1525e and CKT-TF1225 speaker designs, as well as the double-duty CKT-TF1020, which can serve as both a satellite speaker and a floor-wedge monitor.

These DIY designs each feature a Celestion bass/midrange driver, and an HF compression driver with accompanying horn, plus a recommended crossover.

Complete plans (downloadable as PDF files) make it simple for musicians and audio pros with some experience in cabinet-making or woodworking to build the ported enclosures out of their material of choice: 15mm birch plywood or 18mm MDF is recommended. The plans also provide a detailed listing of crossover components as well as a suggested layout, and a guide to finding the assembled cabinet’s balance point for adding a stand-mount socket.

The CKT-TF1525e is based around the 15" bass/midrange driver of the same name; the CKT-TF1225 system likewise begins with the 12" TF-1225 driver. On the 15" system, the CDX-1747 polyimide diaphragm HF compression driver is loaded onto Celestion’s H1-9040 horn, which provides 90 degrees (horizontal) by 40 degrees (vertical) dispersion for treble detail across a wide soundstage. The 12" system combines the best-selling CDX-1745 driver with the same horn.

The CKT-TF1020 floor monitor pairs the 10" Celestion TF-1020 bass/midrange driver with the CDX1-1445 compression driver, which is loaded onto the H1-7050 horn. The 70×50 horn ensures good dispersion of treble frequencies in both the horizontal and vertical planes delivering superb HF performance regardless of whether the cabinet is placed upright or on its side as a floor monitor.

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