Celestion expands FTX Series

Celestion has announced the availability of the latest additions to its FTX Series of common magnet motor coaxial loudspeakers, the 10in diameter FTX1025 and the 15in FTX1530.

The new loudspeakers offer a full range frequency response in a single self-contained driver by concentrically aligning low and high frequency drivers, providing improvements in signal alignment and off-axis response when compared to a traditional two-way system.

The FTX Series’ ‘common magnet motor’ assembly – in which the same magnet is used for both LF and HF elements – enables the voice coils and acoustic centres of the drivers to be brought very close together, boosting signal coherence and time alignment, for a more natural sounding audio reproduction. The single magnet assembly also offers a lighter weight and a more compact profile, for use in applications where space is at a premium.

The FTX models feature a polyimide film HF diaphragm, for greater high frequency power handling. Celestion’s Sound Castle soft clamping assembly reduces stress on the diaphragm, providing less distortion and greater performance reliability. The HF and LF voice coils are edge wound using lightweight copper and copper clad aluminium with a close packing density, offering improved cooling, increased motor strength and more barrel stiffness for accurate sound reproduction.

The FTX Series also include demodulation rings which minimise the effects of power compression, as well as reducing harmonic and intermodulation commonly associated with voice coil displacement.

The 10in FTX1025 and 15in FTX1530 join the others in the FTX Series, including the 12in diameter FTX1225, 8in diameter FTX0820 and 6.5in diameter FTX0617, all of which are now available at retail.