CEntrance announces Portcaster portable broadcasting interface for podcasters

CEntrance has announced the PortCaster, a professional, portable broadcasting interface for recording podcasts and livestreaming to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

The Pordcaster allows podcasters and broadcasters to easily add music or packages, either locally or remote, via mobile or VOIP.

Features include a Mix-Minus feature to prevent audio feedback for the caller, and a Mono Blend control to stream to monophonic platforms like Instagram. To better control recording levels, PortCaster offers soft-knee, analogue and optical limiters for both Host and the Guest. 

An optional 24-bit/48 kHz stereo SD card recorder allows One-Button recording and a pair of built-in mic preamps, which support two microphones or one microphone plus a remote guest.

A stereo aux  input allows creators to add background music or sound effects from a secondary device. The PortCaster is also compatible with Zoom and Webex. An optional internal, rechargeable battery can be charged over USB. 

“We have a PortCaster version for every budget, from beginners to professional broadcasters,” explains Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. “The entire model range is designed to dramatically improve the audio quality of remote broadcasts, especially for journalists, TV, and media personalities working remotely.”

Prices begin at $200. More can be found here entrance.com