CEntrance unveils MicPort Pro 2 mobile recording interface

At the Podcast Movement tradeshow which takes place next week from August 13-16 in Florida, CEntrance will demo new ways of creating professional audio content for podcasting, voiceover, and games with the new MicPort Pro 2 mobile recording interface.

MicPort Pro 2 is a portable professional recording interface for laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The new model improves on the original MicPort Pro, which has become a staple of voiceover artists and broadcast journalists.

The new model includes CEntrance’s Jasmine Mic Preamp, which features lower noise and higher gain, adds an internal rechargeable battery to allow recording with phones and tablets, and features a standard camera mount.

MicPort Pro 2 features a switchable high pass filter, 48V phantom power and a rechargeable battery that lasts over six hours with a typical condenser mic. The product mounts to a mic stand or a small tripod and offers controls for impromptu recording sessions.

“Top voiceover talent choose CEntrance products and MicPort Pro is a well-known solution for broadcast, podcast, and live streaming,” said Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. “The new model lets you leave the laptop behind and record to your phone. Now you can you travel light and file your professional-quality content from anywhere. By popular request, we’ve also added a soft-knee limiter that catches loud peaks but otherwise stays out of the way of your audio. Combined with the -12dB safety track recording, this makes the input virtually un-clippable, which is especially important when narrating for games and animation. And since we have so many musicians endorsing our products, we’ve also made it possible to use the MicPort Pro 2 with an electric guitar and bass to record studio-quality parts on the road, making MicPort Pro 2 a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of audio in the field.”

MicPort Pro 2 comes in two models. The basic model retails for $249 USD. The limiter model adds a musical soft-knee analogue limiter, $279 USD (both shipping now). Podcast Movement attendees can stop by and try the recording devices at the CEntrance booth #7 from August 13-16.