China Sports SSL

A Solid State Logic C100 HDS digital broadcast console has been chosen by Beijing TV (BTV) to complete its move into HD production of sports and interview programs at its new production facility, Studio HD 2. Broadcasting to over 800 million viewers across the People’s Republic of China, BTV offers 12 standard-definition and three high-definition broadcast channels, as well as delivering Internet and mobile television services.

“When we were building this new facility, we wanted to have an advanced digital audio console to facilitate our move into an HD production workflow,” said YinZhuang Yao, Audio Section Chief, Production Department, BTV. “Because this studio is primarily devoted to the production of sports programming, covering everything from live events in China to high-level international competitions as well as talking-head type pre- and post-show interview programs, we have a multitude of audio streams coming in from all over the world. The logical, intuitive layout of the C100 makes easy work of each production, giving us the power to easily move through every programming type.”

One program, produced daily at BTV using the C100, is BTV Matches, which focuses on both recorded and live sporting events. The coverage of BTV Matches is very broad, featuring La Liga, FA football and NBA basketball on the international side and domestic matches that include CBA basketball, CTTSL table tennis and CVA/WCVA volleyball. Programming also includes CWQL Chinese chess matches.

“The C100 HDS provides an easy way to manage the many sources and destinations for our HD program production through SSL’s MORSE Stagebox, Alpha-Link Live-R and GPIO support elements,” said Yao. “We also have a 600 square metre arts studio, used for arts programming and talking head-type shows, also linked to the C100 to maximize the scheduling flexibilities of the facility. The C100 celebrates the excellent legacy of SSL, while moving us into the future.”