Chris Lord-Alge in the studio with Focusrite RedNet

We recently reported on how mixing legend Chris Lord-Alge had made the leap to a tapeless workflow by integrating Focusrite’s RedNet as the sole audio interface between his Pro Tools|HD system and SSL 4000 E/G+ analogue console and now Focusrite have released a video of Lord-Alge explaining his decision.

“Yeah, the DASH format, it’s been over for a while, period,” Lord-Alge acknowledged. “I mean, they stopped making the tape in 07, so I can’t hold onto it for very much longer. I have to go into something that’s not running off the tape. So in order to make the switch [to a completely nonlinear workflow] I needed to hear something that met my standards and worked with my other studio equipment.

"So when [Focusrite president] Phil Wagner asked me to audition the RedNet interfaces for my Pro Tools|HD rig, I listened, I gave it a thorough test drive and I liked what I heard. It sounds very similar to what I already have, which I don’t really want to change. So this will be the cornerstone of my new workflow.”

Watch the video below for more on Lord-Alge’s mixing process and why he chose RedNet.