Chris Madden to lead Alchemea?s Live Sound Master-Class

Chris Madden, one of the UK’s leading sound engineers, will lead a Live Sound Master-Class hosted by audio engineering and production college Alchemea on January 31st 2012.

Having begun his professional life as a studio engineer, Madden made the transition into live sound through his work with the Waterboys, moving quickly from monitors to front of house. Since then he has worked with acts as diverse as the Sugababes, Joe Cocker, Charlotte Church, P!nk, James and Sade.

He worked on a number of successful projects at arenas, stadia and festivals across the globe, and is a major proponent of the Avid Venue console, making use of the D-Show at every opportunity.

Madden will discuss his world tour with P!nk, using his Avid Venue show files, as well as video footage of the show. He will also explain how he captures his backline inputs (mics/di’s selection and placement), PA, monitor and FOH system design, session and desk layout, mixing techniques, snapshots as well as show management.

Tickets cost £28 and can be purchased from Alchemea’s website. To reserve a seat on this Master-Class please email or call Tony Garston on 020 7359 3986.