Cinema Audio Society announces nominees for the 2013 CAS Awards

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the annual CAS Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing with nominees for the six categories just announced.

“It is exciting that, as we celebrate 50 years of the CAS, there has been an abundance of outstanding sound mixing in film and television this past year,” said CAS President David E. Fluhr. “These nominations reflect the best sound mixing of 2013 as determined by the voting members of the Cinema Audio Society and I congratulate each of the nominees.”

The Awards will be presented at a sealed envelope dinner on 22 February in the Crystal Ballroom of the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel. During this Awards Dinner the highest honor of the CAS – the CAS Career Achievement Award will be presented to Re-recording Mixer Andy Nelson. The CAS Filmmaker Award Honoree will be announced later this week.


Captain Phillips

Production Mixer –Chris Munro, CAS

Re-recording Mixer –- Michael Prestwood Smith

Re-recording Mixer — Chris Burdon

Re-recording Mixer — Mark Taylor

Scoring Mixer — Al Clay

ADR Mixer — Howard London, CAS

Foley Mixer — Glen Gathard


Production Mixer –Chris Munro, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Skip Lievsay, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Niv Adiri

Re-recording Mixer — Christopher Benstead

Scoring Mixer — Gareth Cousins

ADR Mixer — Thomas J. O’Connell

Foley Mixer – Adam Mendez

Inside Llewyn Davis

Production Mixer — Peter F. Kurland, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Skip Lievsay, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Greg Orloff, CAS

ADR Mixer — Bobby Johanson, CAS

Foley Mixer — George A. Lara

Iron Man 3

Production Mixer — Jose Antonio Garcia

Re-recording Mixer — Michael Prestwood Smith

Re-recording Mixer — Michael Keller, CAS

Scoring Mixer — Joel Iwataki

ADR Mixer — Gregory Steele, CAS

Foley Mixer — James Ashwill

Lone Survivor

Production Mixer — David Brownlow

Re-recording Mixer — Andrew Koyama, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Beau Borders, CAS

Scoring Mixer — Satoshi Mark Noguchi

ADR Mixer — Gregory Steele, CAS

Foley Mixer — Nerses Gezalyan


The Croods

Original Dialogue Mixer — Tighe Sheldon

Re-recording Mixer — Randy Thom, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Gary A. Rizzo, CAS

Scoring Mixer — Dennis Sands, CAS

Foley Mixer — Corey Tyler

Despicable Me 2

Original Dialogue Mixer — Charleen Richards

Re-recording Mixer — Tom Johnson

Re-recording Mixer — Gary A. Rizzo, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Chris Scarabosio

Scoring Mixer — Alan Meyerson, CAS

Foley Mixer — Tony Eckert


Original Dialogue Mixer — Gabriel Guy

Re-recording Mixer — David E. Fluhr, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Gabriel Guy

Scoring Mixer — Casey Stone

Foley Mixer — Mary Jo Lang

Monsters University

Original Dialogue Mixer — Doc Kane

Re-recording Mixer — Michael Semanick, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Gary Summers

Scoring Mixer — David Boucher

Foley Mixer — Corey Tyler

Walking With Dinosaurs

Original Dialogue Mixer — Chris Navarro, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Andrew Koyama, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Martyn Zub

Scoring Mixer — Rupert Coulson

Foley Mixer — Sam Rogers


American Horror Story: Coven – “The Replacements”

Production Mixer — Bruce Litecky, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Joe Earle, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Doug Andham, CAS

Scoring Mixer — James Levine

ADR Mixer — Judah Getz

Foley Mixer — Kyle Billingsley

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

Production Mixer — Ric Bal, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — John W. Cook II, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Peter J. Nusbaum, CAS

Behind the Candelabra

Production Mixer — Dennis Towns

Re-recording Mixer — Larry Blake

Scoring Mixer –Thomas Vicari

Foley Mixer — Scott Curtis

Bonnie and Clyde: (Night Two) Part Two

Production Mixer — Erik H. Magnus, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — R. Russell Smith

Re-recording Mixer — Robert Edmondson, CAS

Scoring Mixer — Shawn Murphy

ADR Mixer — David Weisberg

Foley Mixer — Jeff Gross

Phil Spector

Production Mixer — Gary Alper

Re-recording Mixer — Michael Barry, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Roy Waldspurger

Scoring Mixer — Christopher Fogel, CAS

ADR Mixer — Michael Miller, CAS

Foley Mixer — Don White


Boardwalk Empire: Erlkönig

Production Mixer — Franklin D. Stettner, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Tom Fleischman, CAS

ADR Mixer — Mark DeSimone, CAS

Foley Mixer — George A. Lara

Breaking Bad: Felina

Production Mixer — Darryl L. Frank, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Jeffrey Perkins

Re-recording Mixer — Eric Justen

ADR Mixer – Eric Gotthelf

Foley Mixer –Stacey Michaels

Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere

Production Mixer – Ronan Hill, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Onnalee Blank, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Mathew Waters, CAS

Foley Mixer — Brett Voss

Homeland: Good Night

Production Mixer — Larry Long

Re-recording Mixer — Nello Torri, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Alan M. Decker, CAS

ADR Mixer — Paul Drenning, CAS

Foley Mixer — Shawn Kennelly

The Walking Dead: Home

Production Mixer — Michael P. Clark, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Daniel J. Hiland, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Gary D. Rogers, CAS

ADR Mixer — Greg Crawford


Californication: I’ll Lay My Monsters Down

Production Mixer — Daniel Church

Re-recording Mixer — Todd Grace, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Edward Charles Carr III, CAS

Modern Family: Goodnight Gracie

Production Mixer — Stephen A. Tibbo, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Dean Okrand

Re-recording Mixer — Brian Harman, CAS

Nurse Jackie: Teachable Moments

Production Mixer — Jan McLauglin, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Peter Waggoner

The Office: Finale

Production Mixer — Benjamin A. Patrick, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — John W. Cook II, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Robert Carr, CAS

Parks and Recreation: Leslie and Ben

Production Mixer — Steven Michael Morantz, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — John W. Cook II, CAS

Re-recording Mixer — Kenneth Kobett, CAS


2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Dialogue and Music Mixer — Michael Minkler, CAS

FX Mixer — Greg Townsend

Deadliest Catch – The Final Battle

Re-Recording Mixer — Bob Bronow, CAS

History of the Eagles – Part One

Re-Recording Mixer — Tom Fleischman, CAS

Re-Recording Mixer — Elliot Scheiner

Killing Lincoln

Production Mixer — William Britt

Re-Recording Mixer — Stanley Kastner

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth

Production Mixer — Mathew Price, CAS

Re-Recording Mixer — Michael Barry, CAS

A Blue Ribbon panel of CAS Members also determined the nominees for the 10th Annual Cinema Audio Society Technical Achievement Awards which include:


K-Tek/M. Klemme Technology Corp. – Nautilus Microphone Suspension Mount

PureBlend Software – Movieslate 7.0

Sound Devices, LLC – PIX 260i

Sound Devices, LLC – 633 Mixer/Recorder

Zaxcom – Maxx – Mixer / Recorder / Transmitter


Avid – Pro Tools 11

Exponential Audio – PhoenixVerb

FabFilter – Pro-DS

iZotope – RX 3 Advanced

Zynaptiq – Unfilter