Cleanfeed to offer first browser multitrack recorder

Cleanfeed will launch a browser multitrack recording feature at the Podcast Movement in Orlando, Florida this week.

Multitrack recording in Cleanfeed enables a separate audio file for each person in the session, including for extra local devices, as well as Clips. All recorded tracks are saved in a fast zip file download, collating all the tracks as WAV files in one place, so no audio quality is lost in the process, and all individual tracks can then be downloaded separately if needed.

Meanwhile, when sessions are recorded in stereo (in Cleanfeed Pro), the tracks recorded are stereo. Cleanfeed’s existing recording features include:

– Saving a recording at any time during the session, for extra security

– Access to quick checks on recordings

– Visual meters displaying what’s being recorded

– Professional audio meters

In addition to the above, multitrack recording in Cleanfeed will offer users:

– Advanced editing post recording

– Recovering/enhancing when recording in less than optimal environment, eg. removing background noise

Following a beta period, the company has decided it’s now time for the multitrack recording feature to go mainstream. Cleanfeed co-founder Marc Bakos explained, “We’re fairly reserved about how we introduce new features in Cleanfeed. Stability has always been a focus for us; Cleanfeed is used for live radio around the world. For the organisations that rely on us, we know how the impact of a buggy or incomplete feature can affect your experience.”

Podcast Movement president, Dan Franks, who is looking forward to the launch at next week’s event, added, “Podcast Movement attendees are on top of the latest and best technology, and are always hungry to learn more. Cleanfeed’s new software is an exciting launch that we can’t wait to host and share with the global podcaster community.”

This year’s Podcast Movement will take place from Tuesday 13 Aug – Friday 16 Aug 2019.