Clear-Com completes acquisition of Trilogy Communications

HM Electronics (HME) has completed the acquisition of UK-based Trilogy Communications through its subsidiary Clear-Com.

Trilogy is a supplier of intercom solutions and master reference generators for the broadcast, defense and industrial sectors. Clear-Com expects this acquisition to strengthen its presence in the broadcast market and accelerate its penetration in the defence and industrial sectors.

Trilogy will continue operation as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear-Com LLC and its head office remains in Andover, Hampshire, UK.

Clear-Com will work to incorporate the Trilogy intercom product lines – namely Gemini, Messenger, Mentor and Mercury – into its portfolio to reach a broader global market.

“We are pleased to make this announcement,” said Mitzi Dominguez, CEO of Clear-Com. “Both companies have been serving the professional intercom business for decades and bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the marketplace. The efforts of our combined teams will deliver tremendous added value to customers all over the world and will create new business opportunities for both companies.”

“Trilogy fits into our company culture and our technology offering,” noted Bob Boster, president of Clear-Com (pictured). “Their specialised matrix solutions perfectly complement Clear-Com’s highly-programmable and scalable digital matrix portfolio, increasing each team’s capabilities to meet the ever-growing and vastly-diverse communication needs across the markets we serve. Trilogy’s SPG solutions will also be well received by our broadcast customers globally.”

Trilogy Communications executive chairman, Martin Peck, added, “Trilogy has long demonstrated product excellence in the specialised communication domain and is well-known for our respected customer service. Clear-Com is recognised for its product breadth, technical innovation, and impressive support and service network worldwide. There is obvious synergy between the two companies which, together, the two companies will exploit to find innovative ways to help our mutual customers.”