Clear-Com intercom solutions to feature at Rio Olympics

Clear-Com has been selected by a number of broadcasters from around the world as their choice for essential communications during the 2016 Summer Games taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The manufacturer will provide real-time communications to worldwide broadcasters from the first event competition on August 3 to the Opening Ceremony on August 5 through to the Closing Ceremony on August 21.

During the Games, Clear-Com’s range of intercom and audio connectivity products will be used in a variety of applications. At the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), the majority of broadcasters will be using a Clear-Com system.

TV Globo (Brazil) has just completed the build on its first 4K OB truck (pictured). Communications is based entirely on Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Omega digital matrix network and will be used at the European football/soccer stadiums, as well as other sports venues throughout Brazil.

In addition, TV Globo will use six Eclipse frames at their main headquarters and two at the IBC that will be interconnected via IVC-32-HX boards using IP technology, and use MADI and fiber as a redundant interconnection.

SportTV (Brazil), a Globo Network channel, will dedicate 16 live channels broadcasting multiple events over eight connected Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Omega matrix frames.

ESPN (Brazil headquarters) will rely on Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX-Omega digital matrix systems for communications, as well as Clear-Com’s MADI and IVC-32 IP boards for high performance and low latency audio connection between the Eclipse matrix systems and highly scalable IP-based intercom systems.

Fox Sports Brazil, Rai Italy’s Rio de Janeiro’s studio, and Esporte Interativo (Brazil) rented OB mobile units from the OB truck rental supplier, Salvatore de Lucca, for local broadcasting. Each unit is outfitted with Clear-Com Eclipse HX-Median digital matrix intercom systems and support equipment.

Clear-Com’s Brazilian distributor Savana Comunicações, located in Rio de Janeiro, was instrumental in facilitating the relationships and the equipment installations with the broadcasters listed above.

“When sports fans from around the world tune in to watch the Games from Rio this summer, it’s the performance of broadcasters that will ensure that the fans at home can see and cheer for their country’s athletes,” said Bob Boster, president at Clear-Com. “We’re honoured that a number of these broadcasters have placed their trust in Clear-Com to make sure that their communications perform as well as the athletes.”

In addition to use at the sports venues, a Clear-Com FreeSpeak II system will be used throughout the Olympic City by TV Globo.