Clear-Com links Arizona church campuses with LQ IP interfaces

Arizona’s Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) is using Clear-Com LQ Series interfaces to connect its production intercom systems from seven Phoenix campuses over a secure IP network.

Each of the seven campuses has its own mix of Clear-Com intercom equipment; all of which are now interconnected and operating as one system to create a ‘seamless’ communication experience among its multi-site production staff.

“At CCV, we are using the LQ Series to communicate with all of our campuses around the Phoenix valley,” said Andrew Gustafson, CCV’s production director. “The LQ Series has provided us with a cost-effective way to ensure the highest level of communication for stream testing, communicating changes, and staying connected to each other during our services.”

The flexible LQ Series can interconnect a mix of analogue and modern digital intercom systems. Available in either compact boxes or 1RU rack-mountable panels, LQ Series can connect 2-wire, 4-wire, and/or 4-wire cabling with GPIO audio and call signalling over IP networks.

Product ease of use is a vital factor of CCV’s equipment selections, given that many of its AV weekend support staff includes minimally-trained volunteers. “The Clear-Com DX Series wireless system is a good example of a professional-quality intercom that is flexible yet straightforward for novices to operate. The same is true for the FreeSpeak II wireless intercom,” Gustafson continued. “And when it came to LQ, it was a breeze to set up and link the intercom systems across multiple locations.

“We cannot do what we do without reliable communication,” he added. “Sometimes we think, ‘my phone is just as good’, but it’s not an instant way to communicate; especially across multiple locations simultaneously. The LQ Series is an amazing tool that we use every week.”

“Providing HoWs with reliable, flexible, and affordable intercom technology is one of Clear-Com’s core businesses,” explained Kari Eythorsson, Clear-Com regional sales manager – Southwest USA. “Allowing our customers to leverage what they have in order to deliver a more consistent and improved production experience is an important part of the our broader value proposition. We are pleased that Christ’s Church of the Valley was able to achieve this with our solution.”