Cloud adds to its PM range of microphones

Cloud Electronics has added two new models to its PM range of zone paging microphones with the PM4-SA and PM8-SA introducing Spot Announcement capabilities.

The new models feature identical functions to the existing PM4 and PM8, whilst also allowing the user/operator access to pre-recorded announcements, adverts, stings, alarm sound or even warnings from the push of a button or fired by remote contact closure switches from a timer, PIR or similar device.

The microphones are capable of holding up to four (PM4-SA) or eight (PM8-SA) pre-recorded messages, of any length. These are stored internally on a standard SD memory card, housed in a dedicated card slot, accessed through the base plate of the unit. Simultaneously, up to four (PM4-SA) or eight (PM8-SA) pre-announcement chimes can be stored on the same card.

An SD card pre-loaded with chime files is supplied with each PM-SA unit. Announcement and chime sound files (.WAV or .MP3) should be prepared on a computer with a SD card slot and then saved to the card.

The full PM range of paging microphones is designed to interface directly with recent Cloud products – such as the DCM1 – via the Cloud Digital Paging Interface, which uses standard CAT-5 cable and RJ45 connectors, and can also be used with non-Cloud products. The PM is also compatible with the older Cloud CDPM range of digital paging microphones. PM microphones and CDPM microphones may be freely intermixed on the Digital Paging Interface.