Coda Audio system installed in Zurich jazz club, Moods

As part of a recent renovation, Moods jazz club in Zurich replaced its sound system with Coda Audio gear.

Leading integrator and Coda Audio’s Swiss distributor, Schallwerk, was engaged to install the system.

For the main system Schallwerk installed 9 x TiRAY per side, with TiLOW lowmid-extenders taking over the function of a beam splitter for the separation between the lower floor and balcony and lengthening the array. Reflections on the balcony balustrade were thus avoided whilst the directivity of the lowmids remains intact.

Behind the line arrays, a cluster of 3 x SCV subs was flown to ensure an even distribution of bass throughout the space. The low bass range is supplemented by an SCP (2 ×18”) subwoofer under the stage and the near field in front of the stage is covered by a flown HOPS8 in the centre with 2 x HOPS5 attached either side as outfills.

The bar area at the back of the club is acoustically refreshed with a delay line consisting of 4 x HOPS5. Two HOPS8 are installed in addition to the main system acting as a 4-point PA for DJ operation (they can also be integrated as rear speakers in live setups if desired). The stage monitoring comprises 8 x CUE Four, supplemented with a G15 as a drumfill sub, whilst 2 x HOPS8 are fixed as sidefills.

On occasions when there is no live music, Moods can be curtained off as a simple bar operation – 2 x HOPS8 are installed behind the bar for background music for this format. The entire system is powered by Coda Audio’s LINUS system power amplifiers.

The installation at Moods demonstrates the flexibility that Coda Audio offers integrators in meeting the challenges posed by the varied requirements of contemporary venues. Coda has an solution for every audio question, allowing system designers to combine elements from across its comprehensive range to perfectly achieve their aims without any compromise.