Coldplay co-producer invests in Unity Audio monitors

Coldplay’s co-producer/mixer Daniel Green has invested in a pair of Unity Audio’s ‘The Rock’ active two-way monitors.

Green has served as Coldplay’s FOH engineer from the beginning of the band’s career, and has since become involved in studio production.

The small, sealed cabinet active two-way monitor utilises an ELAC 6.5" woofer and 50kHz folded ribbon tweeter driven by bespoke E.A.R discrete Class A/B 100 watt amplifiers.

"I’ve been using the Unity Audio Rock MK II active monitors for recording/ mixing on the road with Coldplay recently,” Green explained. “Due to their size and portability I can set them up pretty much anywhere. They are a great reference that I can rely on no matter what the environment. I love the detailed sound of the mid range and the wide stereo image. I was also pleasantly surprised by the extended bass end of the MK II model. Mix decisions made on The Rocks translate really well on to other systems.”

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