Community speaker upgrade for Texas’ Buddy Moorhead Stadium

The dated sound system at Buddy Moorhead Stadium in Texas has been replaced with a Community Loudspeakers solution.

Named after a well-known American football coach and home to the Conroe Independent School District’s numerous high school athletics teams, Buddy Moorhead is a modern sports facility seating over 8,400 fans.

For years, its sound system had been unreliable and fans often complained about intelligibility, but recently, the Conroe school district contacted TASC A/V to provide a new setup.

TASC designed a system based on Community R6-51 horn-loaded loudspeakers. TASC project manager, Anthony DiDonato, explained: “Our only real option for locating the loudspeakers was at the scoreboard. So, we needed an extra-long-throw box to cover over 150 yards. Plus, this is Texas football – we needed high SPL at long distance to get over the crowd.”

Lab gruppen amplifiers power the system, which also includes a Montezuma DSP mixer and Shure ULX wireless microphones for field use and game announcements. Two Symetrix Radius DSPs provide digital signal processing and loudspeaker management, communicating over a dedicated Dante V-LAN network provided for the project.

A total of 12 Community C6 ceiling loudspeakers were installed in the press box with zone volume controls and a shotgun mic on the outside of the press box to monitor the game and half-time events.

The system was installed just in time for the Conroe Tigers’ first game of the season.