Company Profile: EVE Audio

German manufacturer EVE Audio has quickly risen up the ranks and made a name for itself in the monitor market since its first steps in 2011.

In just four years, the company has moved from entry level to build a network of over 50 distributors globally, and with an ever-widening product range for both broad and niche applications covering studio and home recording, post production and more, the company is keen to draw attention to the new arrivals in its offering.

Sales and marketing manager Kerstin Mischke reflects on the firm’s impressive progress and what 2015 and beyond may bring for the company and its customers…

How do you feel about how far the company has come since its formation four years ago?

The constant growth we are currently experiencing nicely demonstrates that our young brand is receiving more and more attention and is becoming more and more known. One of the reasons we consider EVE to be attractive as a newcomer to the market is that our in-house development is of a very high and innovative level. This is something people find in our products and appreciate.

Where does EVE Audio fit into the current market?

There are a lot manufacturers in the field and when EVE was officially launched no one was really waiting for another speaker brand. Nevertheless we have managed to establish the brand nicely so far and it has been accepted and welcomed. We believe one of the reasons for this is that EVE Audio is mid-priced; we wanted to create good-sounding speakers for a reasonable price, and to achieve this we looked at what to focus on and where to invest. 

How do you ensure the high quality of product that EVE Audio has become known for?

Quality control is done entirely in our headquarters in Berlin, Germany; we established a very intense and very detailed quality control procedure where every speaker is tested for at least 30 hours on a non-stop test run. We can connect them to different voltages and while they are connected they are automatically switched on and off. Those on-and-off-switches happen up to 600 times, dependent on the length of the quality control. We also program the DSP here in Berlin in order to keep full control of how our products sound. Before it leaves the Berlin headquarters each speaker receives careful quality control.

On the other hand the assembly of certain products has been outsourced. That means for instance that the assembly of smaller speakers takes place in Asia before we take each speaker to Berlin for quality control and programing. All four-ways and main systems are completely assembled and tested in Berlin.

What does EVE Audio offer customers that other manufacturers don’t?

Products and innovative technology, and as a young company we also react very quickly to customer requests. With a small hierarchy but a vast knowledge base, we are able to offer solutions very quickly.

The products speak for themselves; the team behind them support that with strong sales and marketing and a close connection between R&D and support, which works to our advantage.

Although the company is still quite young, our experience in pro-audio and music has grown over more than 20 years; that’s a good fundament to run and maintain a business. We are not only focused on the technical side of studio equipment; our team also has a background in music, instruments and recording.

What key products are taking your company forward? 

EVE Audio has a wide product range, from small active speakers to medium-sized models for regular studios, up to main monitors to be used in very large professional and broadcast studios. That includes speakers, subwoofers and also accessories such as mounting solutions or our Passive Monitor Router PMR 2.10, which is a modern switching device to switch between up to 10 pairs of studio monitors and connect two sources max.

While our 5in two-way speaker SC205 and 6.5in two-way SC207 are the top sellers in our two-way range, the 6.5in double woofer SC307 is a very remarkable speaker and the top seller in our range of three-ways.

This year we launched our smallest speaker system – the SC203, which is a master-slave-system with a 3in woofer, a newly developed small µAMT tweeter and a passive radiator to provide an astonishingly low end for a speaker of that size. This master-slave-principle offers an easy connection to different devices: USB, digital optical and of course analogue connections are possible.

The analogue output allows connecting the SC203 to a subwoofer, for those who need even more low end. That new desktop system SC203 will open new markets for us as we see them being used as pure desktop speakers for workplaces such as video post production, for gamers and simply as a speaker for home users who want to connect an active speaker to any mobile device.

How do you plan to further establish yourselves?

We do a lot of market research and have many ideas for our next steps. This not only means new products but also future upgrades. Besides R&D and the work on actual products, we pay high attention to optimising our CRM so that customers can get information about our monitors and how to use them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And when it comes to new products our CEO Roland Stenz does not run out of ideas, but it’s too early to reveal details!