Neutral Audio MD and company founder Jose Manuel Jimenez explains why the industry should take notice of the Spanish firm’s DREi technology…

When was the company set up?

It was founded in 1995, but it was not until 2007 that the first model was released. All that time had been dedicated to the development of DREi technology.

What pro audio industry sectors do you currently operate in?

All sectors that deal with amplified sound, especially live music and installations, since our technology is directed to the filters of loudspeakers and amplification systems. It can also be used in all types of studios and broadcasting, with good results.

What are your bestselling lines and why do you think they perform so well?

Without doubt the external de-intermodulators, of which we have five models, (and two more coming this year). These units are very easy to install, but deliver such good results. The bestseller at present is the DREi Micro – small, but powerful and effective at a very competitive price. It will soon to be avalible as a 19” rack system, too.

Your de-intermodulators are designed to clean the musical signal and therefore enhance any pro audio sound system. How does this work exactly?

We have not yet found the right way to explain it and we are making many efforts in this direction. We have updated our website several times in recent months trying to find a way that our customers understand what we do, without going into too much detail of how we do it!

DREi techology basically manages the waveforms and musical signals to make them more appropriate for the reproduction in speakers, stopping the filters from saturating and fighting the intermodulation with various techniques. We have done this without harming the music with only one on/off button. We know it sounds incredible and magical, but it is absolutely true and is down to the ingenious technology that has been applied.

The result of the above is that any sound equipment will respond more efficiently, with more performance, and the direct consequence of this is that everything sounds better. We insist that the best way is to try it, especially with live sound.

What are your main strengths as a company?

Innovation and exclusivity. We have very efficient technology that no one else has and our clients do not have to remove anything from their exisiting systems, and can continue to buy the same items as always, only with our box they can get better results – equivalent to more expensive and higher level systems.

How is business compared to this time last year?

We’ve had a significant increase in sales. At the end of 2012 we completed our portfolio of products and initiated international contacts, so we cannot really make comparisons with any other years realistically. We were born in a time of crisis, but for us this really is a time of opportunity, and we are positioning ourselves in the right places.

We hear you are currently searching for new distributors. What territories/countries are you looking to expand into?

Although we are selling to most of the world and we have customers in every continent thanks to the launch of (the Neutral Audio online store) a few months ago, our current goal is the European market.

You say your products can now be found in the equipment racks of many well-known professional users. Which artists are you referring to?

In our previous demonstrations and field tests to refine the product we contacted numerous FOHs of prestigious national and international artists. In just a year and a half since we launched our X-DREi PRO, you can see them in the set-ups of The Red Hot Chlil Peppers, Leonard Cohen, Tom Jones, Seal, Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Tom Jones, Mana, Natalia, to name but a few.

Our list is rather extensive and we also have many others who have bought the unit. They are used primarily in live concerts, contributing greatly to the overall sound.

What are your aims for the next 12 months?

In April we will present the DREi PRO, which is a cheaper version of the X-DREI PRO (pictured) – also in 19” rack. Like its big brother, it is ideal for live sound and studios, with connectors for fixed rack integration.

In May we will present a full range of DREi Cables – cables with active RCA and XLR interconnectors, which incorporate our deintermodulator module in a small box that the high-end market has requested from us. Interconnectors for studios and racks systems are also available for the professional sector.

By the end of the year we will have a new preamplifier – equipped with our Multi-preamp technology – and a new domestic deintermoduator for the high-end sector.

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