Control The ID-Station

WK-Audio has launched ID-Station, a new controller designed and developed in tandem with Steinberg’s Nuendo and Cubase software. ID-Station replaces the ID-Mix-VU, which is now discontinued. It is based on the same fader module used in WK-Audio’s ID-Console, which features 12 motorised, touch-sensitive faders, each equipped with a two-line LCD display for the track name and module status. It offers another twelve encoders, each with a two-line LCD display and a control range indicator that may also be used as a channel level knob. The FLIP function swaps assignments with the faders below, which gives users direct access to 24 leel controls. The Edit section allows 18 functions to be controlled directly by the weighted 60mm dial. It also comes with ID’s Control Room monitor section, featuring an in/out matrix as well as surround reduction buttons and 12 level rotaries. An optional motor joystick may also be integrated.