CRAS partners with SSL for Sylvia Massy’s Anatomy of a Mix

Solid State Logic provided the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS) with a 48-channel Duality console when iconic music recording engineer/producer Sylvia Massy recently hosted a recording technique sessions in the school’s Studio A.

That was followed by a Q&A session that was open to the public for hundreds of participants in the CRAS Live Sound Venue. Massy is known for her unconventional recording techniques and is the author of the book “Recording Unhinged”.

With a strong relationship already in place with four Solid State Logic consoles already being utilised at CRAS and multiple co-sponsored events having already taken place on campus, CRAS and SSL agreed that the 48-channel Duality console was the ideal choice to use during Massy’s Q&A since it is already set up in a standard configuration, and because it is also configured to be set up and taken apart in approximately 30 minutes by SSL staff.

“I’ve known of CRAS for years, and it’s impressive to have a school willing to open its doors to the public for these fun and informative lectures and demonstrations,” explained Massy, whose visit to CRAS was her first. “I’m always happy to share my personal experiences with the next generation of audio warriors.”

During her time at CRAS, Massy demonstrated some interesting techniques for filtering and manipulating sound, using household objects such as potatoes, cheese, light bulbs, pencil sharpeners, etc. “It was surprising and loads of fun,” she said. “The second event was held in the live sound venue, with a Solid State Logic Duality desk on stage and a large screen duplicating what I would see while I was mixing. I brought a recent session I recorded with The Melvins and isolated tracks for the students to listen and understand the process. Then the floor was opened up for questions. There I shared many stories about my work with Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool, and System of a Down.”

“The Conservatory is one of the few educational facilities that I know of that has the expertise to pull off an event of this size and complexity,” said Marc DeGeorge, SSL US sales and marketing manager – retail products. “We were also extremely honoured to work with Ms. Massy this time. Her reputation for quality work and experimentation really made an impact with the students at CRAS.”

The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences is composed of two nearby campuses in Gilbert and Tempe, Arizona. All students must complete a 280-hour industry internship to graduate from the Master Recording Program II that may ultimately lead to industry employment. A CRAS graduate was nominated for a 2017 Grammy Award, while 32 CRAS graduates worked on 35 2017 Grammy-nominated albums and songs across 35 categories, of which 11 graduates received multiple credits on nominations.