Custom d&b system for new Vina Robles Ampitheatre

The Vina Robles Ampitheatre, a new 3,300-seat outdoor venue in Paso Robles, California, is now complete, with a d&b audiotechnik system in place.

In partnership with the local Vina Robles Restaurant and Winery, the Amphitheatre will host concerts and live entertainment from May to November each year, combining food, drink, and live music. The team behind the venue considered high sound quality one of its main goals for the project, which is why they teamed up with 3G Productions to create a custom d&b sound system.

“I have wanted to build this venue my entire career," said Vina Robles general manager Tim Reed. "I knew firsthand that there were no live music venues like Vina Robles in the area. Working exclusively with local craftsmen, we’ve been able to create an amazing facility design keeping both audiences and artists in mind.”

Brown Note Productions and its president, Ryan Knutson, whom Reed has known for a long time, jointly conducted a study of the Ampitheatre at its infancy, mainly focusing on how the sound could be contained within the audience space. d&b audiotechnik was chosen for its ability to control low end frequencies and virtually eliminate the impact on the surrounding community.

With only two and a half months to get the job done, 3G didn’t have long to pick and install the right d&b system. Using d&b’s ArrayCalc software to make audio predictions within the venue, 3G eventually opted for a custom d&b V-Series set-up. Also, because the venue is only open for just over half the year, Vina Robles wanted a system that they could demount, store, and even send on tour during the off season.

“The Vina Robles project was a fun challenge for our team. Due to the nature of the space, we worked very closely with Tim and his team to address all of their needs and concerns,” said Devon Murray, director of business development and sales at 3G. “The d&b V-Series system is perfectly suited for Vina Robles in that it
provides unparalleled sound quality, while also maintaining the kind of pattern control that addressed the primary need of noise constraint outside the venue.”

Featuring left/right V8 and V12 loudspeakers, with T10 front fills, and a cardioid sub array using B2-SUB speakers, the system was integrated before the band Yes christened the new stage at the opening.

Murray concluded: “To see it all come together was amazing. It’s a brand new, beautiful venue, and the d&b sound system both looks and sounds great in it. Watching their hard work pay off, and being a part of that, was very cool.”

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