D.A.S. Audio introduce new weather resistant WR series system

The Valencia-based Spanish pro audio manufacturer, D.A.S. Audio, have introduced a new series of products designed for the outdoor installation market, the WR series, at this year’s InfoComm 2012 event.

The WR (Weather Resistant) series of products will provide users with a flexible system configuration which also provides two exposure ratings. All in all, the WR series complies with both the IP55 and IP56 environmental ratings.

The new range will be initially offered with three base models.

The first is a dual 6-inch (passive) model, the WR-8826. This is equipped with the M-1 driver employing a 1-inch annular diaphragm and an 80º x 80º horn geometry. In addition, the WR-8826 is also available in a T version which includes a line transformer.

The second and third models are a 12-inch two-way (passive/biamp) model and a 15-inch two-way (passive/biamp) model. Both the 12- and 15-inch models are equipped with robust 4-inch voice coils and the M-75 compression driver with 1.5-inch exit and a 3-inch voice coil.

Both loudspeaker diameters offer system integrators the choice between an 80º x 50º (WR-8512 and WR-8515 for 12 inch and 15 inch models, respectively) and or a 60º x 40º (WR-6412 and WR-6415 for 12 inch and 15 inch models, respectively) horn dispersion pattern.

Each of these models will offer two exposure ratings. The first is the CX “covered exposure” version for applications where the cabinets are in a covered or protected environment. The second is the DX “direct exposure” version for applications where the cabinets are unprotected and directly exposed to the environment.

So what does this protection offer? Well, The CX versions are protected with a thick Iso-Flex coating on both the exterior and interior surfaces. In contrast, the DX versions augment the protection rating by employing a fiberglass exterior and a gel coat sealed interior. Both the CX and DX models come with stainless steel fittings and mounting hardware.

What is more, across the WR series the enclosures are manufactured using exterior grade plywood. These cabinets are available in either black or white—and available in both exposure ratings.

Similarly, the perforated stainless steel protective grilles are painted to match the cabinet finish—whether white or black—and are backed with foam over a vapor barrier to impede the entry of water. Finally, a barrier strip connector and the passive/active mode selector are protected by a waterproof cover equipped with a sealed cable gland nut. 

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