DACS now shipping Keith McMilllen QuNeo

DACS is now shipping the Keith McMilllen QuNeo 3D multi-touch pad controller.

Designed for use by DJs and electronic musicians, the QuNeo uses USB, MIDI and OSC to communicate with software and hardware devices. It is also the first ever three-dimensional pad controller; all of the 27 pads, sliders and rotary sensors are sensitive to pressure, velocity and location and can produce MIDI Note Ons, while the switches respond to pressure and are also able to produce MIDI Note Ons.

Meanwhile, two control messages can be sent out from a single square pad, with the message content determined by the location of your finger relative to the X and Y axis. A third control message can also be sent, with content determined by how hard the user is pressing on the pad.

The QuNeo comes with 16 presets for various music software, including Ableton, Serato Scratch Live, Apple’s Logic Pro, Reason and many more.

There is an Open Source Development Kit available for download from the Keith McMillen website, enabling more advanced users and programmers to customise settings for the QuNeo to meet their own unique requirements.
Call DACS on 0191 438 2500 for more info, or visit http://www.dacs-audio.com/

More information on the QuNeo can also be found at Keith McMillen’s website: http://www.keithmcmillen.com/QuNeo/overview.

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