Danley chosen for pro and college sports facility

Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, has seen a Danley Sound Labs Genesis Horn installed at the facility.

Following a recent audio system overhaul, Lambeau Field placed Danley Sound Labs technology at its centre. Sixteen Danley Genesis Horns, model GH-60, combined with nineteen Danley SH-100s, fifty-six Danley SH-micros and fourteen Danley TH-118 subwoofers aim to deliver clear and powerful sound to the 73,000 Green Bay Packers fans.

Danley’s technology has also received praise for its performance at other facilities recently. Michael R. Garrison, principal at MGA, the firm that designed and just completed the installation of a Danley JH-90-based system at Montana State University, stated:

“We worked closely with Danley Sound Labs to design the loudspeaker system for this project. Their JH-90 was a relatively new product when we first contacted them, and the measured loudspeaker performance data and directional files for computer modelling were still being complied. Danley president Mike Hedden and his team were very supportive. They supplied us with final definitive data and assisted MGA’s efforts to confirm placement and orientation of the loudspeakers.”