Danley speakers power ‘America’s largest church’

US-based Lifechurch.tv has installed a Danley loudspeaker system at its new campus.

With a weekly attendance of more than 46,000, LifeChurch.tv has been described as the largest church in the United States, with 18 physical campuses spread across the country and a HQ in Oklahoma. As the ".tv” suffix suggests, it also offers a popular online service.

At the new campus in Jenks, Oklahoma, stereo clusters of Danley SH-50 full-range loudspeakers have been brought in to provide the full impact of the various live bands coming through, and convey spoken word and video playback with the best possible intelligibility. SH-50s are already in place in several of its other venues.

Summit Integrated Systems of Lafayette, Colorado began its partnership with LifeChurch.tv six years ago, and has designed and installed the audiovisual systems at the majority of the campus locations.

“The fact that LifeChurch.tv continues to build new campuses has given us the opportunity to critique and grow with each design/build project,” said Shane Beeson of Summit Integrated Systems. “After every project, we meet with the LifeChurch.tv technical staff to evaluate the systems and discuss what we can improve upon.

"Danley Sound Lab products have been a part of Summit’s product line since Danley launched in 2005, and Danley became a part of the LifeChurch.tv conversation five years ago. We were exploring ways to improve the audio quality of their multi-site campuses while still being mindful of budget and to meet their request for a stereo system using point-source boxes.”

As with most houses of worship, these venues can be tricky to work with. “Like every church, LifeChurch.tv operates within a budget,” Beeson continued. “The ceiling height makes it challenging to get the right coverage and impact. Moreover, acoustic treatment is usually the minimum needed to get the space up and running. That was the case at Jenks, so we designed two three-box clusters of Danley SH-50s. The supreme pattern control and smooth phase response of the Danley SH-50 gave us the control we needed.”

The new system in Jenks features a Yamaha CL5 paired with RIO stage boxes, which are used as a digital snake and patch bay to collect inputs from the stage. The output from the desk feeds a Biamp Audia Flex handling loudspeaker management and processing. Lab.gruppen C-Series amplifiers power the whole set-up.

Three Danley SH-50s per side supply the main stereo coverage for the room. Four subwoofers provide low-frequency extension from beneath the stage, while six Danley SH-Mini speakers complete the system, offering side-fill at the edge of each cluster and front-fill from the edge of a portable stage when required.

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