DAS Audio reinforces Stjarnan FC stadium

Stjarnan FC, located in Gardentown and part of the KSI Premiere League, has previously used various portable PA systems for their announcements but has recently recognised that a better system was needed.

A solution was drawn from the catalogue of Spain-based DAS Audio. Stadium management elected to find a more permanent solution and teamed up with Garðabær based Northern Lights Audio. The firm specialise in audio, video, lighting, security and heating solutions and was contracted to design and install the stadium’s new sound reinforcement system.

Þorsteinn Halldórsson, the firm’s owner, said: “As most events of this nature cater to crowds of about 2,500 people we elected to install four of DAS Audio’s DR-12 2-way, full-range loudspeakers along with two BiDriver Plus systems, which are two-way, mid-high units designed for long throw applications. A D.A.S Audio DSP-26 stero/mono processor handles loudspeaker management duties and DAS PS-1400 stereo power amplifiers drive the speakers.”

Halldórsson states that an announcer’s area was established that also serves as the storage area for the amps, processor and mixer, which accommodates inputs for Byerdynamic wireless microphones plus a local microphone. The four DR-12 loudspeakers are equally placed throughout the stadium’s rafters while the two BiDriver Plus systems provide coverage for the outside parking area and the staging concessions area.

Halldórsson said: “The current setup was installed in May and already there are plans to expand the system. Shortly, we will be adding two additional BiDriver Plus systems for the field and the back area. This was pretty straight-forward installation and I must say that DAS Audio representative, Claus Behrens, and his team was very supportive. Any questions we had were answered expediently.”

Stadium management, announcers and fans are all reporting a dramatic improvement in the ability to understand the announcements coming through the sound system.

Halldórsson continued: “Sound quality and, in particular, the speech intelligibility are dramatically improved. Both the announcers were very happy to have a permanent sound system installed that delivers solid performance and consistent sound quality. Similarly, Pall Gretarsson, chief manager of the club and stadium, was equally impressed with the expediency of the installation and was extremely pleased with the sound check. DAS Audio’s solid performance – both in terms of the equipment and the company’s support services – was exceptional. We couldn’t be happier.”

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