DAS Audio takes on Turkey?s Ministry of Transport

Located in the Turkish capital of Ankara, the country’s Ministry of Transportation conference and event hall, which seats more than 200 people, was recently kitted out with a new sound system comprised of DAS Variant and Artec series systems.

The Ministry is responsible for transport, information and communication services, and the hall is regularly used for press junkets and a variety of conferences.

With new technologies taking on an increasingly crucial role, conference and event spaces of this type need to be able to accommodate audio-visual components. Melomani, the Turkish company contracted for the installation, approached the project with this in mind. As the space contains a screen for projections and audio-visual elements, the sound designers implemented a 5.1 surround sound system, with the standard configuration of left, right and centre channels, as well as the corresponding subwoofer and surround channels.

Powered installation array systems from the DAS Variant series were used for the three main channels (L-R-C), specifically three clusters of three Variant 112A units each. Variant 18A self-powered subwoofer systems were installed to handle low frequency reproduction, while eight DAS Artec 8 systems were employed to achieve the surround sound effect of this 5.1 arrangement.

The announcement of the upcoming expansion of Ankara’s underground system provided the setting for the unveiling of the DAS sound reinforcement system. Undertaken by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, the project will involve the establishment of two new subway lines for the Turkish capital, and will be carried out by the Spanish company Comsa.

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