Dave Swallow brings masterclass to Alchemea College of Audio Engineering

Following on from the unprecedented success of his PLASA seminars and audio think tanks, Dave Swallow is to offer an engineering masterclass at London’s Alchemea College of Audio Engineering on November 7th.

His brand new seminar will be based around engineering techniques and attitudes. “This time I’m going to be talking about techniques and looking at the various different techniques employed by people working in the industry,” he explained. “I’ll also do a section on attitudes in the industry, such as where I started from and how I worked my way up.”

Swallow is also keen to point out that his Alchemea seminar will not be covering the same topics covered at PLASA, however, he will once again be conducting his audio think tank following the masterclass following their popularity at the Earl’s Court event. 

He commented: “I wanted it to be different from the ones at PLASA. This think tank platform works really well so I will devote a couple of hours to that on the day as I think its really worthwhile. It’s a good way of bringing people together to talk about the same things. That was proved at PLASA, as there were people of all ages sharing similar ideas.”

In addition to these themes, Swallow will also take a look at the perception of audio quality; something he explored in his recent API column: “One thing I’ve been looking at is audiences’ perception of audio quality and how important it is,” he said. “Obviously it all depends on the show. A 13 year old girl going to a Rihanna show will probably not be as aware of the importance of audio quality, whereas a 50 year old person going to see The Eagles may well pay more attention to the show’s audio element. I’ve also been asking the question as to how an engineer can relate to their audience with regards to audio quality.”

Tickets for Dave Swallow’s Alchemea seminar are on sale now at a price of £28 and can be purchased from http://www.alchemea.com/index.php/audio/news/story/dave-swallow-art-of-mixing-a-show-7-nov-alchemea