David Bottrill uses Radial selectors

Canadian producer David Bottrill has taken his Radial Gold Digger (studio mic selector) and Cherry Picker (mic preamp selector) to work at Applehead Recording and Dreamland studios in New York. His current project is with American post-hardcore band Chiodos.

Bottrill offered some immediate feedback: "It’s going great! We used both the Cherry Picker and Gold Digger to select mics and preamps. So easy to use! Our choices were the M251, My M7s, and a C37A. Preamps were a Neve 33115, API 512, and a Boutique model from Applehead. We went with the C37A into a Neve, but we wanted to keep a few options open and quick switching between three different mics, so we left the Gold Digger in line so we could easily and quickly switch between mics for different performances. We even added a 58 for screaming through the Gold Digger and it has sped up our workflow without having to switch inputs and mic pres each time we wanted to change performance areas. Today alone, we did two lead vocals through the C37A and chants as well as multiple scream sections through the 58. Great units, and of course sound transparent and clean."

Bottrill’s arsenal of gear also includes a JD7, JDV, and a couple of Tonebone pedals.

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