Dawsons Music presents Recording for Beginners

Throughout March Dawsons Music will host a series of free workshops covering a variety of recording, sequencing, mixing and production techniques across the company’s Manchester, Liverpool and Reading stores.

Each location will see four sessions presented by Jono Buchanan, one of the UK’s most experienced music technologists.

The sessions will be aimed at musicians and music enthusiasts who are interested in covering all the key areas of music production, with Buchanan introducing attendees to a range of techniques and skills involved in recording guitars, vocals and drums to editing, mixing and bouncing your tracks.

He will also take attendees through the recording process, from the microphone techniques used to capture commonly used instruments at the highest quality, through the mix process, to creating a finished product.

These demonstrations will be conducted utilising Apple GarageBand for Mac and iPad and affordable, high-quality equipment from the event sponsors, with Novation’s new Impulse MIDI controllers, Sennheiser microphones, monitors from Yamaha and Apogee audio interfaces.

Attendance is free of charge, but places will be limited so please sign up to the event at the link below.