d&b audiotechnik adds column loudspeakers to White range

d&b audiotechnik has expanded its White range with the new xC-Series column loudspeakers.

The xC-Series, the first column loudspeaker design developed by d&b, comprises three loudspeakers – 16C, 24C and 24C-E – designed for seamless integration into difficult acoustic and aesthetic environments, from houses of worship to conference halls, auditoriums and public spaces.

The speakers utilise high vertical directivity control to focus output on listeners and reduce energy radiating into the reverberant field. The two-way passive 24C offers a nominal dispersion of 90° x 20° (h x v) with a HF array that can be mechanically adjusted continuously between 0° and -14° in the vertical plane. This is combined with an LF section of six 4” drivers producing a beam with a fixed downward tilt of 5° and significant vertical dispersion control down to 370 Hz.

The 24C-E extension, with another six 4” drivers, can be attached directly to the 24C, increasing pattern control down to 190 Hz, without any extra amplification or processing. The smaller 16C features four 4” drivers and a 0.75” compression driver mounted on a CD horn, producing a nominal dispersion of 90° x 40° (h x v).

The xC-Series offers specially designed phase plugs and a passive bandpass system to aid the LF drivers, providing a cardioid dispersion control with an average 18 dB of broadband attenuation to the rear of the speakers. A specially designed bracket can be attached to the two continuous rails behind the cabinets, enabling flat and parallel mounting to the wall. All xC-Series models and available accessories can be colour matched to interior requirements.

The new additions to the White range can be driven by the manufacturer’s D6, D12 or D80 amplifiers, which deliver three different power ranges, incorporate d&b loudspeaker specific information and feature analogue and digital signal inputs and links.

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