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d&b Subscription Series launches: ‘The world has changed, buying behaviour has changed’

German loudspeaker giant d&b audiotechnik has today (March 3) launched the d&b Subscription Series – an ‘alternative to ownership’ aimed at making the company’s solutions available to a wider range of venues.

The d&b Subscription Series enables venue owners to upgrade their audio offering with a brand new d&b system without a large, upfront capital investment. 

“We’ve been working closely with our customers to understand their changing needs and it’s clear that technical flexibility and commercial accessibility are highly valued,” said Amnon Harman, CEO d&b audiotechnik. “Our new Subscription-Series gives any venue owner or manager who aspires to offer the best sound experience access to d&b solutions. The world has changed, buying behaviour has changed, and it’s critical that we address these new needs.”

The standard d&b Subscription Series plan offers customers the flexibility of a monthly payment and commitment periods as short as 24 months. The subscription fee covers all hardware, including accessories, system commissioning, post-install services, maintenance, and decommissioning. 

At the end of the subscription period, customers can choose to continue their subscription, upgrade or adjust the system requirements, or cancel the service. The d&b sales partner and dealer network come as part of the package.

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In addition to the d&b Subscription-Series, the company is also offering a pay-per-use option. The add-on option enables customers to install additional d&b equipment for use at occasional events. Venues are charged when the enhanced system components are actually used.

The d&b Subscription Series is available in the US, Europe (incl. UK), Singapore, Australia and New Zealand from today.

“At d&b we have the mission to accurately transfer passions,” Harman continued. “We know that extraordinary sound enhances and shapes extraordinary experiences and that’s what our systems deliver. Subscription-Series will make our premium solutions even more accessible for all kinds of installation projects, no matter the size, budget or application.”

Last month, d&b announced the launch of its new d&b Direct e-commerce platform. Available from now to customers in Austria, Germany and the UK, d&b Direct is designed to provide a faster and more efficient way for customers to access the company’s solutions and allow d&b to interact with customers in a more targeted and personalised way. The online platform can present system configuration examples for installation sector buyers and is supported by a streamlined inquiry functionality that connects customers directly with a partner.

In an exclusive interview with Audio Media International, Harman said: We’re always listening to our customers and we came to the realisation that many of them are looking to access great advice and premium solutions faster than we’ve been able to offer in the past. We also recognise that some touring users looking for smaller systems find the idea of buying a system package online really appealing.

“The platform doesn’t just benefit our customers, we also have our eye on how we could strengthen our position as one the leading business partners in pro audio. The d&b Direct platform is part of that mission, simplifying how partners can interact with potential customers and opening up conversations with new customers.”

You can read the interview in full here.

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“We had to pivot in 2020 but need to tell the industry that we have done so”
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