dBTechnologies celebrates bonfire night with the Rock Choir

As part of this year’s bonfire night celebrations, Dunorlan Park, Kent saw a brand new dBTechnologies DVA T12 rig deployed in order to allow 14,000 visitors to hear the Rock Choir perform prior to a spectacular fireworks display.

The event marked the first outing for the DVA T12 system supplied by rental company Phonophobia. “We have been in this industry for many years now, and once you are established you tend to think the tool box is full of everything you will ever need,” said Phonophobia’s Mark Chant. However, despite his initial scepticism regarding what dBTechnologies and its largest line array system could add to his inventory, Chant was quickly convinced of its capabilities: “It was a total success! We provided clear, clean audio at high SPLs across a large audience area, flying a total of 16 x DVA T12s (eight per hang) and 6 x S30 subs (three per side).”

One of the main challenges facing the system was its ability to provide a clean and balanced sound to such a large crowd, while also handling the needs of the Rock Choir.

“We also had to take into account the requirements of the 200-strong vocal choir located between the main array towers,” explained Chant. “The system performed flawlessly, reproduction was clean and clear from the front all the way to the back and beyond, which was quite a walk, and it was a total joy to mix through – you can quote me on that,” he added.

Chant concluded: “All in all, I can’t describe how much I am truly impressed with the system. The event has made me feel incredibly reassured that we have made the right decision and I have no hesitation at all in recommending dBTechnologies. The capabilities of the system are not just knocking on the doors of some of the big boys, but smashing them in.”