dBTechnologies highlight the importance of brand reputation in East Asia

dB Technologies has operated a dedicated Far East office, based in Guangzou, China, since 2007. The office is run by Martin Capp, who lives locally and is completely hands-on.

His efforts have stood dB Technologies in good stead. Capp commented: “The strength of a brand name is most important in the Far East. If a lot of money is to be paid for audio then having a well-known brand name to support the spend is considered safer. Separate amplifiers and speakers, plus control units are what East Asian customers are used to, feeling that they are getting value for money with more units, but both of these attitudes are changing as customers gain more confidence in what they see, know and hear. Government regulations for local certification and high import duty are always there in a country that wishes to protect its local industry. However, as local currencies strengthen, while local investment increases in such countries, those Western products that are technologically advanced are becoming more and more in reach of the widening audience for quality audio products.

“East Asian brands are generally good at producing generic product that is price sensitive for a good part of the entry level market around the Pacific region and in other parts of the world. However, there is no doubt that there are a few select EA companies that are beginning to do some good quality solid designs, that are a ‘cut above’ the rest of the local manufacturers. Acoustic designs are therefore improving, but it is in designing and using new technology where Western products continue to dominate in the mid to upper end of the professional audio market globally.”