Decima drives RoadLive Festival with Coda AiRAY

The first weekend in September saw Coda Audio showcase its audio systems at The RoadLive Festival in Cividale del Friuli in northern Italy, where the company’s Italian distributors Decima and its partner Suonoluci were responsible for the installation.

Decima was also one of RoadLive’s principle sponsors at the three-day event and there were two stages both utilising Coda Audio systems, inlcluding its AiRAY and ViRAY line arrays.

The main stage was covered by 16 x AiRAY and 4 x ViRAY for line arrays, 4 x ViRAY as front fills and 8 x SCP subs powered by 2 x LINUS Rack40 and 2 x LINUS Rack20. The smaller second stage system comprised 8 x TiRAY, 2 x TiLOW, 4 x G15 subs powered by 2 x LINUS10-C.

As well as supporting the development of talent through its sponsorship, the event gave Decima a great opportunity to demonstrate the wider virtues of Coda systems to an invited group of interested engineers and system techs.

During the course of a weekend that was affectionately christened "Little Woodstock", all the technical staff in attendance were extremely enthusiastic about what they heard. The lineup included sets from ACDC tribute act Ballbreaker, through stripped down acoustic and DJ sets, to a children’s choir.