Decima now distributing Coda Audio in Italy

Coda Audio has appointed Decima as its new Italian distributor.

Decima has been providing distribution and integration services in the country for almost 70 years, and is known for providing technological solutions for venues and auditoria throughout Italy.

The relationship between the two companies started when one of Decima’s customers remarked on the quality of a Coda system they had heard in action. Curious to find out more, Decima representatives approached the manufacturer and were invited to a system demonstration in Hannover, Germany.

"We were blown away by the power and clarity we experienced at the demo. In theatre installations audio is not necessarily something that is a regular feature of every job but we work on a variety of other fixed installations and we knew immediately that with Coda Audio systems at our disposal, this aspect of our offer could be expanded," said Decima CEO Enzo Trovato. "Decima now has an experienced audio specialist to take care of this side of the business. In our sales and distribution capacity, we know that our rental and hire customers will share our view of Coda as a great investment and we’re sure that we can establish a strong position in the market for this excellent brand."

Paul Ward, sales and marketing director for Coda Audio, added: "We’re delighted that Decima has taken on this role. We are experiencing rapidly increasing demand across the globe for Coda products as more and more people become aware of the advantages of our systems. Our distribution partners are fundamental to this growth and play a key role in communicating the Coda message. As a long-established and highly respected company with a thorough understanding of the Italian market, Decima constitutes an ideal partner in this important territory."