Deluxe New York mixes Noah in Dolby Atmos

Skip Livesay, who won an Oscar for his work on Gravity, and Craig Henighan recently completed mixing Darren Aronofsky’s epic feature Noah at Deluxe’s new mixing stage at 435 Hudson Street in New York City.

“[The stage] is a welcome addition to the city,” says New York-based Lievsay, who mixed dialogue and music for the film. “It’s nice to have another relatively large stage in the city and this is the largest with Dolby Atmos capability, which was vital for Noah. It was a great place to work.”

“Dolby Atmos gives you more options for moving energy around the room and ceiling,” Lievsay elaborates. “If a character is speaking off-screen–say they would be to the rear left of the theatre–we can accurately place that character in that space. If you’re a director who is open to that idea as Darren is, then Dolby Atmos is really the only way to do it.”

The Dolby Atmos-equipped mix room at Deluxe

“Obviously, there is a lot of rain in the story of Noah,” Henighan adds, “and Dolby Atmos allowed me to take the rain to the back of the theatre and overhead. I had recorded a lot of real rain from outside and inside wooden barns and I was able to spread all these sounds throughout the theatre to give the audience an incredible sense of really being inside the ark.”

“It has been a phenomenal collaboration with Dolby to create one of the largest Dolby Atmos rooms on the east coast, Enthuses Domenic Rom, Deluxe New York’s General Manager. “To have Darren Aronofsky and his talented team do the first mix on the stage is something I never could have imagined. We are so proud of the room.”

The film also features the first ever Dolby Atmos-specific music mix, which was completed be English engineer Geoff Foster. Look for an interview with Geoff in the upcoming issue of Audio Media.