Digico facilitates independent mixes at South Korean ?megachurch?

South Korea’s Jiguchon Church – dubbed an evangelical ‘megachurch’ – is utilising a Digico SD7 console with EX-007 expander to take care of two discrete mixes at the 20,000 capacity house of worship.

Made up of four buildings – the main Bundang church and the GMN Chapel in Bundang-gu, the Suji church in nearby Suji-gu and the Gyeonggi University Chapel in Suwon-si – the church has installed the SD7 and EX-007 to handle the two mixes. The first, which is mixed from the SD7’s surface, is for the congregation, while the other, which is mixed from the EX-007, is a broadcast mix that is routed to different rooms and the church’s other buildings.

“The acoustics in the main hall are quite difficult, so if they transmit the Front of House mix to the other rooms and buildings it can be quite a harsh sound,” said Chanwoo Kang of Digico’s South Korean distributor Soundus Corporation. “Because the SD7 has such a high channel count and, by using it with an EX-007 they could produce two completely separate live mixes, mixed by two different engineers, from a single set of rack inputs.”

One of the key features of the system’s flexibility is that the SD7 and EX-007 are installed in different locations. The SD7 is in the main body of the church, while the EX-007 is housed in a separate broadcast room. An additional DigiRack in the broadcast room offers extra audio inputs and outputs that are ideally located for the EX-007 mix engineer.

“The church is using around 70 channels for the FoH mix and another 70 for the transmitting mix,” said Kang. “The channels are split into different layers, which allows them to perform the independent mixes at the two positions. Of course the SD7’s dual redundant engines are mirrored for the utmost stability and the brilliant sonic quality means that both the FoH and the broadcast mixes deliver superb results.”

He concluded: “Rack sharing and redundant mirroring were not familiar concepts for the church’s sound engineers, but they learned mixing on the system very quickly and they are very happy with what is a uniquely flexible set-up.”

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