DiGiCo Gets More Theatrical

DiGiCo used the PL+S show to introduce its new SD Ten Theatre digital mixing console, a theatre specific counterpart to the SD Ten. The SD Ten provides 96 channels of full processing – 12 of which are full Flexi channels – and 48 assignable busses. The Theatre software upgrade provides essential tools for programming and running a theatre production, including the Auto Update system to aid cue programming, Channel Aliases, the new Players update function and matrix nodal delays. When multiple actors are playing the same role, the Players feature takes care of populating the show with that person’s unique channel settings – their EQ, filters, dynamics, etc.

DiGiCo also showed its new matrix style Audio Router. It provides a user-defined recording path for every system input, whether from stage or locally on the console. Also announced was the increase of the SD9 and SD11 console’s sample rate to a maximum 96 kHz. The SD9 and SD11 can also now be specified with a fibre optic connection straight from the factory.