DiGiCo SD9 cited as key purchase for Cash Sound

The Digico SD9 console has been noted as a key purchase for Croatian company Cash Sound.

Based in Split, Croatia’s second largest city, Cash Sound services a wide range of live events, including concerts by some of Croatia’s biggest artists and international stars.

Cash Sound owner Sasan ‘Ciro’ Cirkovic, said: “The SD9 is big enough to cope with most of the shows we work on and we wanted to offer a different option to other rental companies in our region.”

The console, supplied by Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound, is Cash Sound’s first Digico product, and is set to be used for broadcasting as well as live shows. “We have had the opportunity to look at other manufacturers digital consoles via acts that have performed in Croatia and key benefits for us were that the SD9 has a really good sound and is a stable platform,” Ciro added.

“In our opinion, compared to analogue desks, this is the first digital console that has a great sound, plenty of headroom and it sounds perfect, even when you fill out all the channels. The console is also very user friendly, so that even a beginner in digital audio mixing world can dig into it immediately. I really like the fact that you have a large touchscreen at your disposal, as this simplifies using the console so much.

“Although it is so user friendly, it doesn’t compromise on the available tools, so serious producers and engineers can find everything they need.”

DiGiCo’s announcement of a Dante DMI at ProLight+Sound in March offers an additional option, which Ciro is keen to take up.

“We are more than anxious to get our hands on the Dante card, so we can also offer the live recording facility to our customers,” he says. “The SD9 has completely satisfied all of our production needs – the truth is that we didn’t consider any other option.”