Digico to showcase full SD range at ISE 2012

UK digital mixing console manufacturer Digico will exhibit alongside Dutch distributor TM Audio, as the company showcases its entire range of SD desks at the Amsterdam event.

Occupying stand I H90 at the Amsterdam RAI, Digico will be placing particular emphasis on its SD7 console. Featuring a bussing structure that offers a possible 128 busses and 256 processing paths, plus a 32 x 32 Matrix, 32 x 32 band graphic EQ and an array of internal effects, the console is aimed at providing optimum flexibility. Furthermore, the SD7 allows two redundant processing engines to be accommodated.

Also on display will be the SD10 console, which includes a range of new options. 37 100mm touch sensitive faders provide access to the SD10’s channels, 96 of which offer full processing, and 12 that can be configured as full Flexi Channels, whilst also providing outputs that can be assigned across the surface. Additional features include Smart Key Marcros, rear-located local I/O, Dynamic EQ on all four bands of parametric EQ and 48 assignable busses and insertable FX and graphic EQs that can be routed, controlled and snapshot recalled.

Primarily designed as an entry-level console, the SD8 has recently been updated with the addition of software and firmware upgrades in the form of Overdrive 2. It provides up to 60 stereo inputs, 24 flexi busses (stereo or mono) plus two solo busses and master, four band parametric EQ (with dynamic EQ on up to eight channels), hi/lo pass filters and dynamics on all inputs and outputs, 24 graphic EQs, eight stereo effects, and a 16 x 12 matrix.

The SD9 is a complete, integrated system, which comes with an 8×8 output matrix; its eight busses being additional to the console’s 16 flexi busses, providing 16 stereo or mono busses. Its Supercharged software and firmware upgrades also supply an increase in channel count, Dynamic EQs, multi-band compressors and matrix, with the addition of Digitubes, Reorder of Busses and multichannel inputs, which were formerly only available on the SD7.

Lastly, Digico’s SD11 – the first digital mixing console to use Stealth Digital Processing – can be both rack mounted or used as a desktop console. Manufactured with a steel chassis and a polycarbonate-overlaid, aluminium work surface, the SD11 features 12 touch sensitive moving faders below a 15” touch sensitive screen. 16 Microphone preamps, eight line outputs and two mono AES I/O are provided, while users also have the option to connect a Digico D-Rack to the CAT5E port. This provides a remote I/O rack frame with an additional 32 microphone inputs and up to 16 outputs.

“ISE has proved to be extremely successful for DiGiCo in the past few years,” said Digico managing director, James Gordon. “We are sure this year will be no exception, especially as we now have such a comprehensive range of products.”