dock10 and The Space Project form new production partnership

Digital media service provider dock10 and TV production complex The Space Project have announced details of an ambitious new collaboration in Manchester, UK.

The result of the new partnership will be a "unique" new integrated TV and film production service, enabled by fibre connectivity from The Space Project in West Gorton to dock10’s cutting-edge The Studios facility at the heart of MediaCityUK (pictured).

The agreement will give productions based at The Space Project, with its 55,000 square feet of dedicated stage space, seamless access to dock10’s post-production and content management platform, which has the capacity for storing more than 20,000 hours of programming.

The fibre installation, funded by dock10, will also significantly minimise data ingest and transfer times for productions, reducing costs, logistical requirements and security concerns inherent with crucial file delivery, according to the firm.

Directors, producers and editors will also be able to benefit from viewing rushes instantaneously anywhere in the world as content is recorded on to dock10’s platform.

As well as offering five acoustically-treated stages, dressing rooms, workshop, prop store and adjoining office zones, the proposition means that TV dramas and films shooting on single cameras at The Space Project will be able to use the same advanced post production workflow options normally reserved for shows based at dock10’s HD TV studios, along with the field dock, its new remote ingest solution.

Production companies at The Space Project (below) will still have the option of working with external service providers of their choice, however.

Detailed planning is already underway and a number of broadcasters and production companies have been invited to experience the new joint venture, with the first client due to be revealed shortly.

“This is an important next step in the evolution of Manchester’s ability to offer a powerful and compelling alternative to making TV and film in London; or anywhere else in the Europe for that matter," said The Space Project founder Susan Woodward.

"I’m both excited and hugely optimistic about what this new era of co-operation represents for Manchester – helping in part deliver the Government-backed economic powerhouse of the North.”

dock10 chief executive Mark Senior added: “The reasons to make TV and film in Manchester, tapping into the region’s infrastructure, skills and cost advantages grow stronger by the day. The Space Project and dock10’s facilities are complementary and our combined proposition amounts to far more than the sum of its parts. With this latest agreement we take a considerable step closer to the joint vision of ‘One Manchester’, unified by creative and technological excellence.”