Dolby Atmos dubbing theatre boost for Halo Post

Level Acoustic Design has carried out a refurbishment of Halo’s film dubbing theatre including an upgrade to Dolby Atmos.

The award-winning team at the London post house can now enjoy the benefits of a well-equipped, state-of-the-art creative space, according to Level, an acoustic consulatancy that has been described by Halo’s head of audio operations Richard Addis as “a safe pair of hands to help us achieve the very best sounding, best looking and most functional studio spaces."

The theatre is one of only three cinema-scale audio mix rooms in central London, and the 105-square-metre space now has a new look. The project included the design of the speaker layout for Atmos, the fine tuning of the acoustics and a re-design of the seating areas for editors, directors and clients.

An ambitious timeline of six weeks gave Level Acoustic Design just three weeks to carry out the construction before the start of the technical installation and commissioning. Commenting on the daunting task, Level Acoustic Design’s managing director Chris Walls said: “The project threw up a few challenges, the biggest being the timescale of the works. The profile of the studio ceiling also made it incredibly difficult to optimise the position of the 36 JBL surround speakers while maintaining the 6.8m-wide screen due to the steep changes in angle and the areas with limited height, both of which caused potential clashes with the projection beam."

“In the end, we got around the problems by making some minor structural alterations which enabled us to get the speakers in the ideal locations while retaining the huge screen so it was a good result."

Adjustments to the acoustic treatment were made to extend the critical mix area to cover the directors’ seats and also the client seating area in front of the console. “The new layout offers improved ergonomics and communication between engineers, editors and the director,” Walls continued, before adding: “The Atmos upgrade gave us the opportunity to reconfigure the back of the room so that the director can now sit within the critical mix area and improve the listening experience and communication with the engineers.”

Halo’s head of film Dave Turner also commented: “The enhancements we have made in Studio 1 really couldn’t have come at a better time. Not only are we now ready to service forthcoming Atmos releases with the most technically up-to-date installation in town, but the improvements to the rear staging have significantly advanced the overall client experience."