Dolphin launches installation business

Dolphin Music has announced the launch of a new installation division as part of the company’s restructuring efforts over the past two years.

The new division is a collaboration with TMC Ltd, an audio-visual and lighting contractor of some 25 years standing, which brings considerable benefits to both the contrasting business models. Dolphin will gain the ‘physical’ structure of TMC’s procurement systems and a wider range of pro brands, for example Bose, which was not previously available through e-commerce models. For TMC it brings in Dolphin’s established work in the educational market and one of the most forward looking commercial website strategies in either MI or pro audio.

"We are using TMC’s infrastructure and using combined sales and marketing to drive more business," explained Dolphin’s MD, Jason Tavaria. "We’ve always sold installation products, but through this collaboration, we can grow this side of the business a lot more."

The working partnership between the two company’s was brokered on TMC’s side by Chris Smith, TMC’s chief executive.

"There area lot of synergies between the two companies," he said. "Dolphin is a unique business that has created a new way of working in a difficult market. We bring the living, breathing element to the party, as well as other brands.

"When working in installation, particularly education, there has to be good service back up and interaction. This can be done to some degree through an e-commerce portal, but the hands-on product and system training."

Both companies, in their own way, have developed successful sales methods, although each tailored to areas of expertise and again, each company is hoping to benefit from the other in procurement. As TMC continues with its established calling, chasing and follow-up, Dolphin has produced a dedicated website for the new venture which can be found here.

An in-depth article on Dolphin’s new structure and its plans for the future will be featured in the September 2010 issue.